Content that attracts and converts

Content That Attracts and Converts: Turn Likers Into Buyers

The number one thing you need to make money online is content that attracts and converts. This could be in a variety of formats from videos, text, or audio. Sadly, most people associate a lot of followers or likes with a lot of money. However, I know several broke people with a lot of followers, no disrespect I’m just being honest.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of followers for my personal brand, Lakeisha Speaks. Why not? Well, I focus most on quality followers and likers that’s easy to convert to buyers. I love telling people you don’t have to have 1000s of followers to make thousands of dollars online.

So that brings me to this questions: Is your content optimized to turn viewers into buyers? In other words, do you provide content that attracts and converts? 



What do I mean by “content that attracts and converts”?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to change your whole content strategy, but I will revise a few techniques that will get you better conversions and increase your revenue.

Let’s get started…

1. Write better headlines.

With only 5 seconds or less to capture your reader’s attention, you risk them leaving your content. I’m sure you know a compelling headline can attract more readers. 

So what’s the solution: the 4 U’s (coined by

  • urgency,
  • usefulness,
  • uniqueness, and
  • ultra-specific.

For example, check out this blog post headline from 37signals:

This post is one of their most popular and it could be because of the headline. However, we could improve this headline with one or more of the 4 U’s.

First of all, the headline isn’t very urgent. Secondly, it could be more specific by pinpointing the reader’s dream based on their audience. In this case, I would say entrepreneurs are their audience.

The re-write: The One Thing You Must Do Today to Eventually Launch Your Entrepreneurial Dream

2. Write for your personas and be human about it.

What does that mean? Writing to your personas mean that you are speaking their language. They know you are talking directly to them. Show your personality; let them know you are their friend, not their lawyer or English teacher.

Here’s a great example of a human headline that grabs your attention:


Finally, using the word “you” will naturally connect you to your readers.

3. Call to Action is important for content that attracts and converts.

A call to action is simply asking your reader to do something. Basically, they came to your website, your headline grabbed their attention, they read through your conversational copy, and now they’re at the end…

What now?

Well, there are a few what “nows.” You could ask them to sign up for your newsletter, download your e-book, follow you on Facebook, or simply comment below. You must take the initiative. 

However, keep in mind, calls to action in your content should not be hard sells. Save the “Buy Now” pitches for your sales pages.

Here are some great call to action ideas:

  • What’s your opinion about X? Comment below to join the discussion.
  • If you liked this, you’ll love this. (With a link to a sales page.)
  • Did you enjoy this article? If so, please share it with your friends. (With social sharing options.)

4. Readability is important.

Online users are busier than ever. So using big words and hard to read copy is a huge turn-off. If your copy isn’t easy to read, they’ll easily get distracted and leave

Sadly, only 16 percent of website visitors read word-for-word, according to the Nielson Norman Group. And, 79% of website visitors scan each new page they come across to see if it’s relevant to them.

To get the most out of the copy you put on the web, make it easy to read and scan by following these “web copy” suggestions:

  • Break your content up with subheads that attract the reader’s attention and portray relevance immediately.
  • Write in short blocks of text (1-2 sentences per paragraph).
  • Use simple, easy-to-read language

Here’s an example of a block of text that is not formatted properly for the web:


Here is another example from Social Triggers. This one is properly formatted for the web:


See the difference?

5. Don’t be extra. You will lose your audience.

I’m probably known as the extra queen because in a face-to-face conversation I’ll provide you with informatmion that may seem off topic. Luckily for me when writing, I have the opportunity to delete anything “extra” before I hit “Publish.” 

For each piece of content, be sure to stick to only ONE point, ONE position, and ONE idea for each piece of content you create. 

Let me know your struggles when creating content that attracts and converts. Comment below.

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