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Top Online Profit Coach is Living Her Dream Life and You Can Too!

Known as the Digital Profit Strategist, Lakeisha Singletary is the CEO of Elevate Digital Media Inc. Using strategic and innovative technology solutions, Lakeisha helps her clients accomplish their digital media goals. She executes this through her innovative group coaching and her online marketing know-how.

Meet Lakeisha Singletary, Top Online Profit Coach

Lakeisha has over 15 years of professional experience in cyberspace security, IT management, marketing, and website development for corporate and nonprofit organizations. With a strong background in Computer Science, Ms. Singletary brings with her the strategies necessary to meet clients’ needs. She was recently noted as one of the go-to digital agency by the Huffington Post.

Lakeisha Singletary Speaks

Lakeisha Singletary, Top Online Profit Leader Young… Fresh… and Wildly Successful!

She has helped build companies from the ground up, create a successful online presence, as well as, land endorsement deals for high-end celebrities. Assisting clients with realizing the power of the digital world is what Lakeisha Singletary thrives on doing. Her charismatic and go-getter attitude is just one thing that attracts her loyal advocates. She believes success is about being authentic and building an emotional relationship that transforms the lives of your audience.

Lakeisha Singletary was the co-host of a very popular show on iHeartRadio. With more than 2.5 million listeners, This Little Parent Stayed Home was the advocate for entrepreneurs and professional executives. This Little Parent… held a concept that allowed you to adequately embrace your family values and your entrepreneurial spirit by joining the thousands of other parents who felt the same!

Now as CEO of Elevate Digital Media, Lakeisha has implemented her strategies, systems, and proven techniques that keep businesses at the cutting-edge of what it truly means to have online success. Her company is well equipped to assist businesses with dominating their online presence on the internet and getting heard above the noise.

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