From Employee to Entrepreneur

8 Steps from Employee to Entrepreneur

These 8 steps will help you transition from employee to entrepreneur. Let’s get started.

# 1 Don’t quit your job

This might sound a bit stupid. However, to be able to quit your job you need to make sure that you’ve done at least #2 of this list right. Well, actually all of the points I’m going to talk about are important. But #2 is extremely important.

# 2 Start saving money

Even though I jumped right in with no money saved, I don’t suggest that to others. Two kids, a husband, and a baby on the way; having no money saved was tough. If possible, try saving a year worth of savings that equal your current salary. This will give you a lot of wiggle room.

# 3 Learn how to sell

If you never sold anything in your life to a real human being go out and start it right now.

Go on Ebay and sell your old clothes. The only way to figure out how to sell stuff is by trial & error. Try to understand the human mind. What makes them buy things and what doesn’t. Find the triggers.

Don’t try to sell hyper mega complex products. Try to find easy products to sell. Simple products. 

Find out to how many people you need to talk to sell one single product (usually >100 if you start off). 

# 4 Write every day

Storytelling is the art of selling. You don’t become a good storyteller overnight. You become a good storyteller by writing every day. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, like me, you should at least try to write every second day.

My media coach, Teej Mercer a 20-year editor of major television shows, is a great storyteller. Take notes, write down her techniques, game plans, experiment with them and start selling more of your stuff online.

4 More Steps from Employee to Entrepreneur

# 5 Pitch internally

Employee to entrepreneur is a journey that starts before leaving your corporate job. You can potentially talk to hundreds if not thousands of people. Everybody might know somebody that might be relevant to you. That you can pitch your idea to.

You might know someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that can introduce you to someone you can pitch your idea to.

That’s what I did at my corporate job, Marriott International. I pitched at least eight ways I could assist the company before leaving. 

If nothing else, you’ll become a pitch master. That’s a skill you really need as an entrepreneur. 

# 6 Learn the platforms

Don’t just talk about how your marketing strategy is going to look like. Having a great social media campaigns, and starting SEO, is the tip of the iceberg.

You need to experiment, learn their differences and how you can really leverage them.

# 7 Build up a demand/follower base

While planting your seeds build up a follower base. People that love what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter whether or not you already have a product to sell. Use your follower base to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. I still do this constantly.

Over time people will start to trust you. And once people trust you, they will give you honest feedback.

So start building up the demand side. You’re going to figure it out while figuring out what your followers like, then you give them what they like.

# 8 Get your first paying customers

Once you built up your follower base, interacting with them as much as possible allows them to trust you.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re selling them your product or someone else’s product.

It’s all about trust and figuring out what the metrics are, yes good old analytics. Once you make enough money on your employee to entrepreneur journey, you can now do the final step.


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