Boosting Your Business On Instagram

10 Tips to Boosting Your Business On Instagram

Boosting your business on Instagram doesn’t mean you have to be boring!! While it might appear that people are just randomly posting photos, and yes, some people are, many people have mastered the art of the Instagram post. Let’s look at ten fantastic Instagram posts, why they work, and how you can use these ideas for your future Instagram content.

Reverse engineering can prove to be a rich resource for future content marketing posts. Using examples from big brands with big marketing and advertising budgets, I’m providing you inspiration for your Instagram content. Be sneaky smart and get ideas from the best in the business – but make sure that you are unique in your execution, design, and text. Boosting your business on Instagram must be strategic. If you’re looking to set your Instagram on fire get free strategies that are used by Instagram’s super users to increase your followers and monetize your audience.

Boosting Your Business On Instagram

1. Share User Generated Content

Benefit Cosmetics created a short video from a customer created YouTube video to share on with their Instagram audience.  Clients and customers singing your products praises are pure gold. If you have a product that you can send samples of, connect with those influencers and build a relationship with them.

Your takeaway: Share testimonials from customers on your social media. 

2. Provide inspiration

Pantone is all things color! In this post, they are celebrating spring with lilacs and a lilac color swatch.

Your takeaway: Be an inspiration for your Instagram followers.


3. Build your audience with consistency

Is there anything more iconic than a Tiffany blue box with a white ribbon? People even recognize their brand blue as Tiffany blue. Building on their offline brand, Tiffany’s reinforces their brand by sharing stunning photos of their products.

Sharing great content on a regular basis builds the relationship with your fans and let’s them know you’re serious about what you’re doing.

Your takeaway: Building your online presence using your offline reputation builds familiarity with your customers. 

4. Provide assistance

Brit & Co is all things fun and creative. Their colorful posts lead to bigger DIY kits on their website. How about a homemade hot sauce kit?

The #DIY hashtag has over 11 million posts! Hop in.

Your takeaway: People love to find inspiration on social media. Can you share a how-to or educate your fans with a DIY post of some kind? Sure you can!

5. Entertain!

Hootsuite had a whole lot of awesome going on at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. This is a photo from their Hoot Bike that people were riding on all over town. I just can’t get enough of their cute mascot, Owly.

Your takeaway: How are you connecting in fun and remarkable ways with your clients and potential clients? Mark the moment with a photo and share on Instagram. It doesn’t have to be in person, it could be a photo from a Skype call or Google+ Hangout on Air. Be creative!

6. Share your story

Designer Timothy Goodman shares photos from his work on his Instagram and WOW is it inspirational!

Your takeaway: Share behind the scenes at your company or what you do at your business. People love to connect with stories and get an insiders peek into someone else’s world.

7. Celebrate milestones

Seghesio Vineyards is celebrating their 120th anniversary with an Instagram contest. Their simple rules are listed on the post and they included a trackable link in their bio to the rules.

“Join us in celebrating our 120th Anniversary with the#120DaysofSeghesio photo contest. You and three friends could win round-trip airfare to the Sonoma area, accommodations for four in Healdsburg, a private meal at Seghesio, a walking tour of the vineyards and more! Just upload your photo representing the number 120 or Seghesio to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #120DaysofSeghesio. Full rules and more info can be found at the link in our profile.”

Your takeaway: Celebrate milestones with a contest to generate awareness of your milestone and let your fans celebrate with you!

8. Join the community

I love this powerful post from Urban Decay Cosmetics celebrating Single Awareness Day. The tone and content fits their brand perfectly and they received over 42,000 likes on this post.

Your takeaway: Empower your community with encouragement and positive motivation.

9. Connect with hashtags

I really love what Target does on this post. They’re inviting their Instagram fans to tag their favorite #designcrush in the comments and tagged New York city designer Timothy Goodman on the post. This is a very fun post and it got a lot of engagement on likes and comments.


Your takeaway: Ask your community to connect with you using relevant hashtags to your industry, brand, or products.

10. Have fun

Oreo nails it as usual.

Your takeaway: Don’t take your social media too seriously.

Are you boosting your business on Instagram? We would love to hear your strategy. Comment below.


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