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Are you struggling to generate leads? Are you not sure how to drive targeted traffic to your website using free platforms? Maybe you're not sure how to maximize the leads you have? If this sounds like you, click the button below.

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A few Years Ago I was like you...

Hi, I'm Lakeisha Singletary and I'm the CEO of a successful digital marketing agency. However, business wasn't always so "great." A few years ago:
  1. I wasn't sure how to position myself online as an expert in my field.
  2. I was always hunting down clients on social media when I could barely handle the two or three I had.
  3. I had no systems or processes in place.
  4. I was struggling to get traffic to my website.

Simply put, I wasn't clear on my online goals. All I knew, was I wanted to make fast money like everyone else.

After losing thousands of dollars, and making a lot of wrong decisions, I had enough of failing. I was ready to WIN. So I hired a coach, got my business life together and started seeing a major shift.

I was now being interviewed by Huffington Post, I started getting paid to speak, and my online PROFITS were increasing. Most importantly I saw other businesses getting VALUE & RESULTS from what I was providing.

I decided it was time to create a system that would help small businesses benefit without the fluff fluff. This is when DigitalPOWER was conceived. It is truly the ultimate system to elevate, YOUR business to online success!

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  • This system consist of eCourses, Live Webinars, teleseminars and so much more.

  • My webinars are full of result driven advice. I focus on monetizing your business online.

  • This program is by application only. You get VIP access to all things Lakeisha Speaks.

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